First Responder Gear


Firefighters Need Fresh and Sanitized Gear

  • Typical calls are for emergency medical assistance that bring them in contact with the general public, leaving the firefighter exposed to blood borne pathogens, viral and bacterial contamination.
  • The majority of fire fighters in the North America are volunteers that regularly bring their fire gear home after duty. Often their gear is washed at home, further exposing themselves and their families to dangers from HIV, Hepatitis, Staph, MRSA and other contaminants.

Here is where O3 Biologics comes in:

  • After a service call, throw all the PPE (hat, gloves, jacket, pants, boots and SCBA) in the ozone machine for 30 minutes. The gear comes out sanitized, dried and ready to safely use again.
  • Regularly using the O3 Biologics System extends the life of fire gear by neutralizing the contaminants that erode your gear over time.
  • Career fire fighters and volunteers alike, benefit by having their fire gear sanitized regularly to reduce the chance of infection and cross-contamination.

Stains and residue need to be removed from time to time via traditional washing methods.